Wax & Grease Remover

Formulated to penetrate grease, oils, and foreign substances to keep your surface clean between sanding and topcoats. Slower drying to allow longer working times. Safe to use on new finishes.

Available Sizes: Gallon, Quart

Waterborne Cleaner

Designed to remove grease, oils, wax, tar, and other surface contaminates before sanding, bodywork, and prior to topcoats without leaving residue. Ideal for use on plastic to minimize static build-up. Can be used on bare metal without the concern of immediate flash rusting.

Available Sizes: Gallon

Anti-Static Cleaner

Spray or wipe-on Anti-Static Cleaner designed to prevent static build-up on plastic bumper covers (Polypropylene). Use as a final step before spraying sealer, base, or clear to reduce paint defects caused by static.

Available Sizes: Gallon, Quart

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