Color Software

Lumabase color software allows you to accurately and quickly match OEM colors from over 90 manufacturers. Lumabase color software, when linked to a scale, will assist you while mixing and allow you to make adjustments for under and over mixing as you go.

  • Over 90 manufacturers
  • Ability to create and edit customer colors
  • VOC tracking
  • English/Spanish
  • Reference to color chips

Color Variance Chips

5,800 swatches in chromatic sequence. Each one is sprayed with actual basecoat automotive paint with a 2K clear for an ideal match, laminated to prevent solvent ingress and improve durability.

3.5” x 1.94” Swatch Size
Sprayed By Hand
Sprayed With Actual Lumabase Basecoat & Clearcoat

Lumabase Color Cabinet

The color variance chips are housed in a durable, wall mounted aluminum cabinet.

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