4:1 Primer

2K urethane high build primer. Excellent filling properties with quick dry times and easy sanding that doesn’t load up on your paper. Minimal shrinkage, great color hold out and gloss retention.

Available Sizes: Gallon, Quart

4:1 Primer Activator

Available Sizes: Gallon, 8oz

DTM Epoxy Primer

Chromate-free DTM Epoxy Primer provides great adhesion to properly prepared bare substrates with excellent corrosion protection properties. Can also be used as an inter-coat sealer to promote adhesion and color hold out. No induction activator lowers production time.

Available Sizes: Gallon, Quart

DTM Epoxy Primer Activator

Available Sizes: Gallon, Quart


Acrylic Urethane Sealer provides great inter-coat adhesion and smooth lay down. Maximizes hiding, color hold out, and gloss retention. Non-sanding.
50 Black
60 Gray
70 White

Available Sizes: Gallon, Quart

Sealer Activator

Available Sizes: Quart, 8oz

1:1 DTM Etch Primer

Fast drying, chromate-free Etch Primer with no induction time. Ideal to add excellent corrosion protection and improve adhesion to properly prepared steel, aluminum, and galvanized surfaces prior to surfacer or sealer.

Available Sizes: Quart

1:1 DTM Etch Primer Activator

Available Sizes: Quart

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